Timber Shelf holding up to 100 KG with LED highlights

We offer Timber or Glass shelving with LED lights. For Glass Shelving go here

Timber shelf with LED Lights

  • Very effective at highlighting areas at the same time as holding a lot of weight on the shelf.
  • Great for in wardrobes, kitchens or pantries.
  • Can be installed in kitchens under cabinets or on the floor to show you the way at night
  • Install in the Man Cave highlighting your Bar
  • Above a work-station highlighting your working area
  • Or in a Garage showing your work bench and still holding up to 100 KG of weight on the shelf.
  • Holds up to 100 KG
  • Shelves come in different sizes and colours
  • Shelf can be mounted with LED pointing up or down.
  • LED can be any size up to 1.0 meter long
  • Led is a 18 W high brightness rigid LED strip 1.0 meter max length in set in a shelf
  • Also available – Power units and PIR sensors that turn the lights on when you enter the range
  • We also have a In Line switch to control the LED
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Super Strong Shelving that’s Easy to Install and Will Never Sag

  • One, easy-to-fit bracket that screws onto the wall
  • Cliff Hanger brackets hold up to 100 kg. Clean, simple design and structure. Hidden brackets up to 20 kg.
  • No sagging. Supported totally along the whole shelf length.
  • No ugly uprights or brackets. A complete floating shelving system.
  • 100% New Zealand made from quality materials.
  • Custom-made to the size you need and delivered worldwide.


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Additional information

Length of Shelf

400 mm Long, 450 mm Long, 500 mm Long, 550 mm Long, 600 mm Long, 650 mm Long, 700 mm Long, 750 mm Long, 800 mm Long, 850 mm Long, 900 mm Long, 950 mm Long, 1000 mm Long, 1050 mm Long, 1100 mm Long, 1150 mm Long, 1200 mm Long, 1250 mm Long, 1300 mm Long, 1350 mm Long, 1400 mm Long, 1450 mm Long, 1500 mm Long, 1550 mm Long, 1600 mm Long, 1650 mm Long, 1700 mm Long, 1750 mm Long, 1800 mm Long, 1850 mm Long, 1900 mm Long, 1950 mm Long, 2000 mm Long, 2050 mm Long, 2100 mm Long, 2200 mm Long, 2300 mm Long, 2400 mm Long

Depth of shelf

150 mm Deep, 200 mm Deep, 250 mm Deep, 300 mm Deep, 400 mm Deep, 500 mm Deep, 600 mm Deep

Colour of Bracket please

Black, Off White, Silver, White


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