Floating Timber Desk – No legs

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Floating Timber Desk, Capable of supporting up to 100 KG. Ideal in any lounge, bedroom, office, boardroom or garage. Brackets and Desk supplied ready to be installed. We cut to size and ship to you anywhere in the World

The Ultimate floating Desk – LOOK NO Legs
Floating Desk with Aluminium brackets that are strong and stylish, producing the perfect system.
  • Perfect for any room in the home or office.
  • Floating Desk with NO LEGS to get in the way
  • A simple stylish and STRONG design.
  • No unsightly wall supports to screw to the wall – just two unique supports with easy fixing!
  • Brackets get fixed to back and side walls securing the Desk.
  • Corner brackets can be on left or right hand side of the Desk.
  • Because the Desk is supported all along the Desk not just on the ends, the desk will never buckle under the weight.
  • Comes complete with Desk ,Two Brackets and End Caps ready to be installed.
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  • Strong MDF Desk without any legs to get in the way
  • Has a bracket on the back of the desk and one on a side.
  • Can be made with one side deeper than the other if required.
  • Holding up to 100 KG
  • Strong, stable, up-market look
  • Made to your size
  • We deliver anywhere in the world.
  • The Desk is supplied in 16mm MDF:
We deliver anywhere in the world.
  • If you are wanting to use a shelf larger than 16 mm, cut a rebate in the end and you can put the shelf into our brackets. View here
  • Now Available are LED lights that are fitted inside your timber shelf to either shine light up on your products on the shelf or down over a workbench highlighting the work area.
Do you need to see how easy these are to install?

Additional information

Floating Desk

500 mm Long, 600 mm Long, 700 mm Long, 800 mm Long, 900 mm Long, 1000 mm Long, 1200 mm Long, 1600 mm Long

Depth of Desk

400 mm Deep, 500 mm Deep, 600 mm Deep

Second Bracket

Left Side, Right Side, No – Only on Back of Desk

Colour of Desk

White, Off White, Black

3 reviews for Floating Timber Desk – No legs

  1. Burt Munro

    I literally bought a piece of your product and drug it around with me from move to move not knowing what it was but having an idea it was important. When I studied it closely and figured it out, a light bulb turned on – THIS IS A GREAT INVENTION! The bit I found was for wood shelving (thick versus thin shelving) and I’ve been looking for places to buy it. There are none could find and I think there is a market for your product, even if it is online and social media driven. It is simple, easy to install and stronger than most people will believe. And that it is from NZ doesn’t hurt because I’m a huge fan of Burt Munro’s story.

  2. Bill Wilson

    Another Uk Customer: “The collection process was very easy having sorted out all the payments and paperwork on-line. I went to Gatwick this evening for collection and was probably there for about 10 minutes total…..What I was pleased about was that the package arrived in good condition and I must congratulate you on the way it was packed, thank you!”

  3. kuna Launderet

    Timber desk is awesome, thanks for sending it to Brussels for me.

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