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  • Floating Timber Shelves & Brackets
    NZD $26.22NZD $629.28
    Floating Timber Shelves & Brackets
    Rated 4.47 out of 5
    NZD $26.22NZD $629.28

    The Ultimate Floating Shelving

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    Capable of supporting up to 100 KG. Ideal in any lounge, bedroom, office, boardroom or garage.
    You will find place for them in any room of your house. They will be helpful in the bathroom to keep all the shampoos, shower gels, cosmetics and aromatic oils. Your recipe-books will always be at hand with the kitchen shelves floating on the wall . It is not necessary to hang them in a row or one above the other. You can hang them in random way, either symmetrically or asymmetrically. If there is a mirror or a picture in the room you can hang the shelves on each side. They can be used also in the corner of the room.
    Floating Shelves with Aluminium brackets that are strong and stylish, producing the perfect system.
    • Perfect for any room in the home or office.
    • In the wardrobe, in the pantry
    • In the store room, in the MD’s office
    • Great for TV, Stereos and more
    • A simple stylish and STRONG design.
    • No unsightly wall supports to screw to the wall – just one unique support with easy fixing!
    • Because the shelf is supported all along the timber not just on the ends, the shelf will never buckle under the weight.
    • Comes complete with Shelf, Bracket and End Caps.
      • We can offer a Country Wide Installation if required
      • Shelves are supplied in 16 mm MDF 
      • Brackets can be supplied in White/Black/Off White or Silver as required
    • Looking for Book shelves? Check here
    • Looking for Shelves with Book Ends?  Check here
    • Brackets and Shelves supplied ready to be installed.
    • Just needing Shelving Brackets? Check Here
    • We cut to size and ship to you anywhere in the World.
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  • NZD $113.85NZD $937.25
    30 mm Painted Shelving
    Rated 4.33 out of 5
    NZD $113.85NZD $937.25

    Painted 30 mm shelving

    Chunky 30 mm MDF Painted  Shelves that are strong and stylish, producing the perfect look.
    • Great for any room in the home or office.
    • A simple stylish and STRONG design.
    • Can have LED lights installed, priced below without LED
    • Hidden brackets or recessed brackets ( as shown in photo) can be used to mount these.
    • Shelves are supplied with recessed brackets
    • Shelves are painted white matt unless requested.

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  • NZD $56.93NZD $688.05
    Pantry Shelves with LED Lights
    Rated 3.67 out of 5
    NZD $56.93NZD $688.05

    Pantry Shelves with LED

    Timber Shelf holding up to 100 KG with LED highlights

    We offer Timber or Glass shelving with LED lights. For Glass Shelving go here
    Timber shelf with LED Lights
    • Very effective at highlighting areas at the same time as holding a lot of weight on the shelf.
    • Great for in wardrobes, kitchens or pantries.
    • Can be installed in kitchens under cabinets or on the floor to show you the way at night
    • Install in the Man Cave highlighting your Bar
    • Above a work-station highlighting your working area
    • Or in a Garage showing your work bench and still holding up to 100 KG of weight on the shelf.
    • Holds up to 100 KG
    • Shelves come in different sizes and colours
    • Shelf can be mounted with LED pointing up or down.
    • LED can be any size up to 1.0 meter long
    • Led is a 18 W high brightness rigid LED strip 1.0 meter max length in set in a shelf
    • Also available – Power units and PIR sensors that turn the lights on when you enter the range
    • We also have a In Line switch to control the LED
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