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  • NZD $34.79NZD $935.64
    Strong Floating Glass Shelves
    Rated 4.50 out of 5
    NZD $34.79NZD $935.64
    Floating Glass Shelving. Designed for you! Made for you! Delivered to you! Holds up to 10 KG.-

    Ph 0508 743-584

    Its not about the shelf its about what you have to display!! Look at these photos and see how well the glass shelves display and show off the products
    No unsightly wall supports – just one unique support that looks fantastic AND with easy fixing!
    The Glass is available in Bronze or Clear glass and made to your size.
    • Glass shelves are rounded and bevelled on the front edges and corners.
    • Glass is toughened and is extremely strong and safe, holding up to 10 kg.
    • Glass is made to your dimensions, 100% what you need and want!
    • If you wish LED displays we can supply you.
    • Country Wide Installation is available across New Zealand
    • Brackets come in :
      • White
      • Black
      • Cream/off white
      • Silver
      • Also available are LED lights to install inside the bracket for effect. Check here
    • Great for bars and pubs.
    • If greater than 6 mm glass is required View here.
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  • Glass LED Shelves
    NZD $48.30NZD $1,159.20
    Glass LED Shelves
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    NZD $48.30NZD $1,159.20

    Floating Glass LED Shelves

    We offer Timber or Glass shelving with LED lights
    For Timber shelves with LED click here
      • Glass shelves supplied with Brackets and LED lights
      • LED’s supplied from 460 mm up to 2.5 meters long.
      • Easy to install, just slide the strip in behind the glass on the bracket and it looks amazing
      • Very effective in highlighting your products
      • Comes in White, Red, Blue or Green LED
      • Brackets come in Silver, Off White, White or Black.
      • We have available – Power units & PIR sensors as required
      • We also have a In Line switch to control the LED
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  • NZD $26.39
    Mini PIR Sensor
    NZD $26.39
    • Position the sensor in the path of people entering your location
    • When people enter into the range your LED lights will turn on,
    • When people leave after the set time, it will turn off.
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