Often our customers require a special product and we seek our best to make it for them. Here is a few examples but not all. So if you have a special product you want, Talk to us direct on 021 388766

Window Display unit

The requirement was for a product that could be hung ( not fixed or screwed) in a Dentist window in Wellington.  So we made it to sit on the ledge and clip over the pelmet at the top.

The shelves could only be 80 mm deep and not stick out.

Multi Business Card holder

The requirement was to have cards from 16 people being able to be displayed in one position and look upmarket.

So we made a holder that attached to a 6 mm CliffHanger Bracket and was displayed on a wall.

30 mm Timber shelf in our 16 mm Bracket

It is possible to put timber larger than 16 mm into our shelf brackets. If you cut a rebate in the timber that allows it to fit into our bracket. Our  bracket requires a 10 mm edge on the top to rebate the timber and a 40 mm on the bottom to sit on the bracket.

See the attached photos for more information.

Clients Photos